Research Group on Critical Theory and Frankfurt School – University of Valencia  (GIUV2016-326)

Research on Critical Theory from a multidisciplinar perspective. 


Anacleto Ferrer Mas

My research activity has been developed mainly in three areas of Aesthetics and Art Theory: a. The aesthetic genesis of German Idealism and Romanticism; b. The cinema as a vehicle of ideas and values; c. The Critical Theory, in particular, the micrologies of Walter Benjamin and Siegfried Kracauer.

Sabine Heiss

Lecturer at the Florida University Centre (Education Department) of the University of Valencia and the Polytechnic University of Valencia. She holds a PhD in Social Sciences from the University Pablo de Olavide (Sevilla, Spain) and worked as an associate professor in the department of sociology and social anthropology at the University of Valencia. She is an experienced coordinator of university training projects, as well as consultant in institutional development processes and leadership training in NGOs in Honduras and Germany.

Main topics: critical Latin American theory, decolonization of knowledge, discourse studies, sociology of education.

Francesc J. Hernàndez i Dobón

Professor of the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology of the Universitat de València, with lines of research in sociological theory, sociology of education, sociolinguistics, aesthetics, ecology and Valencian history.
Director of the Institut de Creativitat i Innovacions Educatives of the Universitat de València.
Member of the Research Committee of the Sociology of Education of the Spanish Federation of Sociology, of the Association of Friends of Luis Vives, and of the editorial committees of the scientific magazines «Laocoonte» and «Vivesiana».

Benno Herzog (director of the research group)

Benno Herzog is Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, University of Valencia, Spain. He has worked and conducted research in Germany (Universities of Frankfurt and Mainz), the United Kingdom (University of Manchester, Open University, University of Warwick) and Brazil (Federal University of Paraíba). His research focuses on social critique & critical theory of society, on discourse theory & discourse analysis and on migration & discrimination.

Manuel Ramos Valera

My research activity has been developed in the fields of classical German Philosophy, with special attention to the philosophies of Kant and Fichte in their theoretical and practical-political aspects, and in the fields of the Philosophy of History, in their speculative versions, analytical and narrativist.

María Rosón Villena

María Rosón received her PhD from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (History of Art Department) in 2014. She works as a postdoctoral researcher in Valencia University’s Department of Language Theory and Communication Science. Her research is specially concerned with XX century Spanish visual culture in intersection with gender studies.

Vicente Sánchez-Biosca

Vicente Sánchez-Biosca is Professor of Film Studies and Visual Culture at the University of Valencia (Spain) and holds the chair of Art Studies (with J.V. Aliaga) at the IVAM (Valencia Museum of Modern Art). He has edited the journal Archivos de la Filmoteca (1992-2012). He has been visiting professor at international universities such as New York University, Paris 3 (Sorbonne Nouvelle), Paris 1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne), Universidade de Sao Paulo, University of Montreal, among others. He has worked on the Spanish civil war, the Shoah and, over the last five years, on Cambodian genocide. His current research deals with the figure of the perpetrator of mass violence and, more precisely, on the so-called perpetrator images, that is, images whose production involve a sort of complicity with the act of violence represented in them.

Lurdes Valls Crespo

Lurdes Valls Crespo is graduated in Philosophy and with a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Philosophical Thought at Universitat de València. Nowadays, she is developing her PhD inside the project “Contemporary Representations of Mass Violence Perpetrator: Concepts, Narratives, and Images” (HAR2017-83519-P), under the supervision of Vicente Sánchez-Biosca and Anacleto Ferrer Mas, thanks to a FPU Contract and in the PhD program of Contemporary Philosophical Thought at Universitat de València. Her research field is related with Aesthetics, Photography Theory and Visual Cultural Studies and connected with Perpetrator Studies. 

Vanessa Vidal

Vanessa Vidal holds a PhD from the University of Valencia where she works as profesor of aesthetics.Her research activity has been developed in the fields of Frankfurt School, with special atention to the philosphies and aesthetics of Walter Benjamin and Theodor W. Adorno.